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Questions Related to Water Bills Questions Related to Water Bills

The following questions are frequently asked questions raised by the public, if your questions are not answered below, please contact our office by phone number +6084-211001 or fill in our feedback form (Feedback Form)

WB1 Why did I not receive my monthly water bill(s)?

Sibu Water Board follows a schedule on delivering water bills. Water bills in your area are yet to be sent. If you have requested your water bills to be sent by post, it will take at least one week to reach your area/house. Please make sure that a letter box is available and your address is valid. If your house is at 305m or more from the main road, we will only put your water bill(s) at meter point. Do go and check to see if your water bill(s) are at the meter point. If not, please call Sibu Water Board immediately at 084-211001 and we will look into this problem promptly.

WB2 Why do I need to pay so much for my water bill this month? Is there something wrong with my water meter? Can you please help me to check my water meter?

First of all, you have to counter-check the “present reading” in your water bill to see if the number/figure matches with the reading at the water meter. Then, check on your internal pipe system to see if there is a leakage problem. If you still have the problem with it, we would send an officer to your premise to check on your water meter. For this, you will have to pay RM20.00 for the meter testing. If your meter is found to be faulty, we shall return your money and your water bill will be corrected based on your bill charge in the previous month . In contrast, we will keep that money if the meter is found to be accurate.


WB3 I wish to have my name in my water bill changed. What should I do?

Firstly, you must be the legal owner of the premise. You need to bring a copy of Land Title/ sales and purchase agreement and your identity card to the office at JALAN SALIM, pay the collateral deposit and sign an agreement with Sibu Water Board.

If you are requesting to change your name in your water bill under your company’s name, you will need to have a copy of Form 24 and Form 49.

WB4 My bill is overdue. Where should I go and settle it?

You can only settle your overdue bill(s) at Sibu Water Board at Jalan Salim.

WB5 Can water bill(s) from Sibu Water Board be sent together with other bills( from SESCO and Telecom)?

It’s not being practiced for the time being as we are different entities.

WB6 How many SBBS counters are there for customers to settle their water bills?

There are 4 SBBS counters. They are:

  • SRDC
  • SMC

WB7 Is there any counter apart from SBBS Counter where customer can settle their bills?

Yes, you can settle over-the-counter at the following banks in Sibu. They are:

  • BSN
  • RHB Bank

The customer can also pay their water bills via ATM at the following banks in Sibu. They are:

  • Public Bank
  • HSBC Bank
  • BSN

WB8 Why is outstanding bill still shown in my water bill this month, even though I have settled It few days ago?

At the moment, all bills settled at counters other than SWB counters will take a few days for the receipt information to be updated in our billing system. Try to make it a point to settle the bills immediately upon receiving them, or at least one week before the due date.

WB9 Does meter reader deliver water bills every month?


WB10 Can I pay Advance Bill? It’s because most of the time I am not here.

Yes, you can do so for your convenience.

WB11 Can meter reader send my water bill(s) to my house which is located far from the meter point?

We’re sorry. We will only put your water bill at the meter point. Meters are installed outside private properties and meter readers cannot enter private properties. If possible, try to install a letter box near the water meter.

WB12 I do not stay at the premises where water is supplied, could you please send the water bill(s) of that premise to where I am staying now?

We can arrange to send the water bill(s) to where you request by post. However, you will need to pay RM1.00 for delivery charge. You may wish to give us the instruction by post/fax, or feel free to drop in at our customer service counter at Jalan Salim to sign a standard form. The form ‘Delivery of Water Bill to C/O Address’ can be viewed/downloaded at our website.

WB13 Can customers use credit card for the payment of water bills?

Yes, you can pay your water bills via credit card ONLY at Sibu Water Board at JALAN SALIM with the minimum amount of RM50.00 and maximum amount of RM1500.00. You can also enter into a standing instruction to pay your monthly water bills using your credit cards. The form can be viewed/downloaded at our website. Alternatively, you can come straight to our customer service counter to sign the instruction, with a copy of your Mykad and credit card.

WB14 Can you please give us a list of website payment?

  1. www.hlb.com.my
  2. www.hsbc.com.my
  3. www.rhb.com.my
  4. www.pbebank.com
  5. www.cimbcliks.com.my
  6. www.paybills.sarawak.gov.my/
  7. www.standardchartered.com.my


As for ‘paybills.sarawak.gov.my’, where you can also view your current month’s bill, including the arrears, please visit the website and follow the instructions to register.