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Last Update: 22 Oct 2020
Version 8.3.0
Unscheduled Interruption 10 Feb 2012 Unscheduled Interruption 10 Feb 2012

Due to 750mm diameter trunk main burst at Jalan Salim (in front of Foochow Association), the repairing works to be carried out on 10 February 2012.

During the above mentioned period, the water pressure to 30 metre Zone (detail areas are as per attached) may be reduced substantially.

The Board will strive to complete the works as soon as possible. Consumers at affected areas are encouraged to collect water at SWB Bukit Lima Depot if there is urgent need of water.

Any inconvenience caused to the consumers is very much regretted.

If you have any query, please contact Sibu Water Board Hotline No. 084-216311.