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Last Update: 22 Oct 2020
Version 8.3.0
Unscheduled Interruption 3 Feb 2012 Unscheduled Interruption 3 Feb 2012

Please be informed that there is a 300mm diameter main burst Jalan Ulu Sg. Merah ( before junction Lorong Ulu Sg. Merah 22). The Board will strive to complete the repair works as soon as possible. Unless it is prolonged due to unforeseen circumstances.

During the repair, there will be no water supply to SMK Sg. Merah, SJK Nang Sang and Lorong Ulu Sg. Merah 12,18,22,35,36,38,40,48,46,50,51,53, & 63.

If you have any query, please contact Sibu Water Board Hotline No.084-216311.

General Manager

Sibu Water Board