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Last Update: 22 Oct 2020
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Tender Notice 16 February 2016Tender Notice 16 February 2016

Tender No.: SWB/TN/01/2016

The Supply of Labours for Leakage Detection, Repair of Water Mains, Communication Pipes and Pipe Appurtenances the Patching of Concrete Asphalt within Sibu Water Board Supply Area (NRW)

Tender No.: SWB/TN/02/2016

Soft Landscaping Works and Grass Cutting Works for Sibu Water Board Compound for Two(2) Years

Tender No.: SWB/TN/03/2016

The Supply and Delivery of Battery Operated Insertion Type Electromagnetic Probe Flow Meter and the Associated Accessories for Sibu Water Board (NRW)

Tender No.: SWB/TN/04/2016

The Supply of Labours, Tools and Equipment for Servicing of Pressure Reducing Valve, Altitude Valve and Qualification Test of Electromagnetic Flow Meter within Sibu Water Board Supply Area (NRW)