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Last Update: 21 Oct 2020
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Tender Notice 21 September 2016Tender Notice 21 September 2016

Tender No.: SWB/TN/13/2016
The Supply and Delivery of Reagents for Water Testing to Sibu Water Board, Sibu for Year 2017
Tender No.: SWB/TN/14/2016
The Repair of Water Mains, Communication Pipes and Pipe Appurtenances and The Patching of Concrete Asphalt within Sibu Water Board Supply Area (2017-2018)
Tender No.: SWB/TN/15/2016
Cleaning Works for Sibu Water Board’s Premises for Two (2) Years
Tender No.: SWB/TN/16/2016
The Supply and Delivery of Sodium Chloride for On Site Electrochlorination System to Sibu Water Board for Year 2017 and 2018