Customer Role

Customers too have a role to play with regards to water supply and quality. In order for SWB to serve you better, please:

  1. Keep our rivers and streams clean by not disposing rubbish into them.
  2. Use water wisely and not indiscriminately.
  3. Repair minor leaks in your home and check your meter regularly. It should not run when the tap is off.
  4. Clean your storage tank regularly.
  5. Report to SWB when:
    • You experience low water pressure or no water.
    • You discover water leakages, pipe burst or illegal connection.
    • You see someone tampering with SWB’s valves and fire hydrant.
    • Water at your area is dirty.
    • Actual meter reading differs greatly from the reading on the water bill.
    • Your bill amount is irregular.
    • You do not receive your monthly water bills in accordance to the anticipated date.
    • You no longer need water supply service.
  6. Settle your water bills promptly to avoid disconnection.
  7. Keep the receipt of all your previous bills for at least six months.
  8. Provide letter box for water bills.
  9. Keep access to your water meter clear.
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