Questions Related to Water Meters

The following questions are frequently asked questions raised by the public, if your questions are not answered below, please contact our office by phone number +6084-211001 or fill in our feedback form (Feedback Form)

WM1   How to prevent water meter from being stolen?

You should protect the meter with a box/container with an opening for meter reading.

WM2   I wish to adjust my water meter so that it works with a slower rate. Is it possible?

No, it’s illegal. You may be compounded or prosecuted.

WM3   Does meter reader come and take the reading every month?

Yes. We carry out “spot billing” every month. There may be delay occasionally due to heavy rain, flood or other technical problems.

WM4   Does meter reader deliver water bills every month?

Yes. We send water bills every month. Please ensure that a letter box is available and your address is valid.

WM5   I think that my meter is not registering accurate figure, causing me to pay more than I expected. Could you please help me to check on it?

Yes. You can request for a check on your meter with payment RM20.00. If your meter is found to be accurate, there is no refund of your RM 20.00 and you have to   pay according to the amount recorded in your water bills. If your water meter is found to be faulty, we will replace it with a new one and your money(RM20.00) will be refunded. 


WM6   How to apply for a separate meter In one premise?

You have to apply for a new meter at Sibu Water Board.

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