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Last Update: 24 Oct 2020
Version 8.3.0
Unscheduled Interruption 20 March 2012Unscheduled Interruption 20 March 2012

Incident: 150mm D.I main pipe leaking at Jalan Sentosa Lrg 5C.

Affected Area: Jalan Sentosa Lrg 5C

Work Done: 12.15pm 20 March 2012

Incident: 63mm Tapping Saddle clamp x 3/4 crack at NO.1G, LRG TEKU 53B2

Affected Area: NO.1G, LRG TEKU 53B2

Work Done: 3.05pm 20 March 2012

Incident: 250mm D.I main pipe leaking at LOT 83 Jalan Sentosa

Affected Area: LOT 83 Jalan Sentosa

Work Done: 8.50pm 20 March 2012