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Incorporated under the Sibu Water Board order, 1959 made under Section 19 of the Water Supply Ordinance, 1959 (Cap. 141) and reincorporated under the Sibu Water Board Order, 1995 made under Section 19 of the Water Ordinance 1994 when the Water Supply Ordinance 1959 was repealed. The constitution of Board was further amended vide Sibu Water Board Order 2002 and Sibu Water Board Order 2005.


Objectives of the Board

A body corporate established by the Yang DiPertua Negeri as the water authority to administer, manage and supervise all water works situated within the area specified below:

Commencing from a Trig point numbered TT352 at the Sibu/Kanowit District Boundary on the true left bank of Batang Rajang about 1300 metres from East of Sungai Pak; thence on a South/Westerly direction following the Sibu/Kanowit District Boundary until it reaches Trig Marked N134 on the common Divisional Boundary of Sibu/Sarikei; thence following the Sibu/Sarikei Divisional Boundary on a West/Northerly direction until it reaches the confluence of Loba Singate at Batang Lassa; thence on bearing 90 degrees for a distance of 46 km to reach a point at 'A' on the common District Boundary of Sibu/Dalat; thence following the existing Sibu/Dalat District Boundary on a Southerly directon for a distance of approximately 45 km; thence following the existing Sibu/Kanowit District Boundary on a Southerly direction for a distance of approximately 10 km to reach the Trig marked TT352, being the point of commencement. 


Statutory Functions of the Board

Pursuant to Section 18 (3) - (4) of the Water Ordinance 1994, the general functions of the Board as a water authority are:

  • To have the custody, management and administration of water works and the water therein and the management of the supply and distribution of such water within its area of supply subject to the general control and supervision of the State Water Authority.
  • To supply water to the consumers within the limits of its area of supply subject to the provision of the Water Ordinance 1994 and any regulations made thereunder.


Board's Constitution

Chairman         Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Utilities  


          Resident, Sibu Division
          Divisional Health Officer
          Director of Rural Water Supply Development
          State Financial Secretary or his nominee
          6 Members Appointed by Minister        

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