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Questions Related to Water Supply

The following questions are frequently asked questions raised by the public, if your questions are not answered below, please contact our office by phone number +6084-211001 or fill in our feedback form (Feedback Form)

WS1     How to apply for water supply in a premise?

  1. Engage a licensed pipe fitter to carry out internal plumbing works.
  2. Fill up the application form ( done by the pipe fitter)
  3. Submit your form together with a photocopy of your identity card.
  4. Fix your pipes from the meter to your premise ( done by the pipe fitter)
  5. Arrange with SWB for inspection of the internal plumbing
  6. Sign an agreement for supply of water with SWB with payment of the bills at SWB office.
  7. Installation of communication pipe and water meter ( by SWB's Licensed Pipe Fitter)

WS2     How do we request for temporary disconnection of water supply?

  1. Write a letter to SWB / fill the form 56 at SWB
  2. Settle all your outstanding bills
  3. Pay for the collateral deposit/ topping up collateral deposit to current rates
  4. The supply will be registered in the name of legal owner
  5. You will be charged “ turning on” fee- RM 5.50 which will be included in the first monthly bill after reconnection.

WS3     Why is there no water supply to my house?

  1. You should check “stop cocks” at meter point to ensure it’s fully on
  2. Check with your neighbors to see if they have the same problem
  3. Your outstanding bills have not been settled
  4. Take note of the “ARREARS COLUMN” in your water bills to see if there is any outstanding amount.
  5. There is an emergency pipe repair works in your housing area
  6. There is an leakage in your pipes system

WS4     Why is there no notice of interruption of water supply?

Normally, public will only be informed about scheduled interruption . Unscheduled interruption of water will not be notified as it is unpredictable. To overcome this problem, we are in progress of implementing a solution in which we will inform customers on any unscheduled interruptions of water supply by using Short Message Service( SMS).To enjoy the service please ensure that your mobile phone number is registered under the Board.

WS5     There is a leakage in my house’s pipes system. Can you please help me?

Yes. You can contact SWB’s licensed pipe fitters to help you to repair the pipes. The list of the licensed pipe fitters is available at SWB’s office and SWB’s website as well.

WS6     How do we check whether there is pipe leakage in our house?

Turn off all the taps in your house including the inlet to the roof tank if any. Record the meter reading and leave it for a few hours, preferably overnight. If there is no change in the meter reading, your plumbing system is intact. The severity of any leakage will be indicated by the reading registered. You may wish to check the point of leakage by looking out for wet patches on the ground or on the wall, or you probably need to call a plumber immediately to locate and repair the leak.

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