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Last Update: 19 Oct 2021
Version 8.3.0
Quality PolicyQuality Policy

Sibu Water Board shall ensure the water supplied to customers is safe, reliable and competitively priced at the highest attainable standards in Quality and Service. Within the framework of our Quality Management System (QMS) we are committed to:

  1. Supply quality water at the lowest affordable cost to our customers.
  2. Ensure that the services and water quality provided meets the customers' requirements and expectations.
  3. Continually enhance and improve the Quality Management System to ensure that it is appropriate and effective for helping us to achieve our QMS goals & objectives.
  4. Educate and train all level of employees towards quality improvement and the awareness of IMS.
  5. Improve the internal and external communication and teamwork amongst all employees.
  6. Provide sufficient resources to ensure the organization performs effectively and efficiently.