How to apply for water supply

1. Your premise shall not be more than 100 meters from the water main.

2. You must engage a licensed pipe fitter to carry out your internal plumbing works. Approved lists of licensed pipe fitters are obtainable from SWB office or you may check from our website (Registered Plumbers List)

3. The licensed pipe fitter will:

(a) Obtain and help you to fill up the application form.

(b) Submit your application form, a certified true copy of your identity card, registered Sales & Purchase Agreement, Offer Letter and if your premise is not constructed by a developer, you should also furnish a certified true copy of your premise land title to SWB office.

(c) After completion of internal plumbing arrange for internal plumbing inspection.

(d) Water Meter shall be installed by Licensed Pipe Fitter on behalf of Sibu Water Board.

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